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Although I represent clients from around the state of Oregon, the majority of my practice is in Lane County and parts of Central and Southern Oregon, including the cities of Eugene, Bend, Redmond, Portland, Salem, Corvallis, Albany, Roseburg, Grants Pass, and Medford, as well as Coos Bay, Coquille and Bandon on the Oregon Coast.

I work very hard helping my clients to identify their goals and to understand the law that affects them. I then help them understand what options they may have. This allows my clients to make the most informed decision and realistic, best choices for their lives.

I have found that doing substantial civil trial work helps my clients greatly when it comes to negotiating a business or real estate transaction. An experienced trial attorney often sees disputes when deals are “broken” and parties fail to keep their promises. Understanding the kind of circumstances and dynamics that can result in “broken” deals -- and being aware that such “broken” deals often result in expensive and protracted lawsuits -- has enabled me to help my clients structure their transactions and draft their agreements to address, and thereby avoid, foreseeable problems and potential litigation. This, in turn, enables my clients to understand the risks involved and the opportunities to be had. The best client is a always a well-informed client. A well-informed client generally makes good choices and better decisions.

Are you looking for an experienced trial and transaction attorney who handles criminal defense, civil litigation, appeals, and real estate transactions? Do you need an experienced attorney to provide mediation and arbitration services to help resolve your dispute. If so, George L. Derr, Attorney at Law, in Eugene, Oregon, can provide you with the experienced legal services you need.

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